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The ACMA One Stop Shop for al things Amateur RadioHistorically the Ballarat Amateur Radio Group (BARG) has conducted “on demand” entry level courses and assessment for people wishing to gain a Foundation Licence into Amateur Radio. This link provides some information about this licence:

Unfortunately during 2020 and 2021, most of our activities were curtailed due to the medical emergency and imposed restrictions.These disruptions continue through to the present.

For enquiries, training possibilities and assessment please contact:


*NOTE: from the 19th of February 2024, the responsibility for Amateur Radio Qualifications reverted to the ACMA.

The ACMA One Stop Shop for all things Amateur  Radio is here.

This link is the ACMA Amateur Radio Resources page.



What’s possible at the moment?

In the absence of face to face instruction, people have still been able to begin and complete their journey through various forms of self study and we have been privileged to guide those people using email and telephone contact.

Here are two resources that may help you enter the exciting world of Amateur Radio:

A Free Online Course

A self paced online course for the AOCP Foundation is available. Other levels are not yet online. Self registration is necessary.

  • Under courses, Click on “Foundation”
  • On the next page click on “AOCP Foundation”
  • This will take you to a “Login Page”.
  • Click on the box “Create a New Account” and register yourself.

Find this resource here:


A Free Online Sample Assessment Environment

A unique sample assessment environment is available that is relevant to each of the Amateur radio qualification levels.

This is specifically aimed at those who have completed their study and are preparing for the real assessment. 

This assessment environment differs to other available “trial assessments” in that it:

  • Presents typical questions with a multichoice answers, similar to the real assessment process.
  • Provides instant feedback as to the answer selected being correct or otherwise.
  • Provides additional feedback information to each answer, and so has a reinforcement and teaching aspect to the function.
  • All Amateur Radio levels (Foundation, Standard, and Advanced) are catered for.
  • All components of assessment (Foundation Theory&Regulations, Standard Theory, Advanced Theory, Standard & Advanced Regulations, and Practical) are offered.

This resource also provides information in relation to the Amateur Radio hobby and the requirements to gain access.

 Find this resource here: 

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