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BARG`s monthly meetings are held on the last Friday of the month, starting at 7.30pm. All members new and old are quite welcome to come out and join us. We are located at the Ballarat Airport. BARG runs a couple of radio nets on a weekly basis. Everyone is quite welcome to join in our radio nets. So if you have 30 mins to spare, please join in and say hi to a great bunch of people who will make you very welcome.
Times and dates of nets as per below

Club Nets: VHF NET: Every Tuesday Night at 8 pm on 146.750 MHz - VK3RBA
HF NET: Every Thursday Night at 8 pm on 3.608 MHz - VK3BML
REPEATERS: VK3RWA - 147.100, VK3RBU - 438.475, VK3RPC - 144.750, VK3RBT - 146.650
VK3RBA, Mount Buninyong - 146.750 & 439.275 & 1273.925

VK3RBA and VK3RWU on Mt William, VK3RCU on Mt Molliagul, VK3RBH in Geelong and VK3RAD in Mitcham are linked. All on 70cm.
VK2RWB, Mt Gwynne added to the linked system. The system can be accessed via IRLP node 9503.