Internet Radio Linking Project

DTMF Code:Announcement / Function:
# 0check node status
# 1Announce what the menu options are (Does not list all #2x options)
# 73 or 73End any connected link
# 2Weather menu (List's what the #2x options are)
# 20Weather for Ballarat
# 21Weather for Bendigo
# 22Weather for Stawell
# 23Weather for Ararat
# 24Weather for Hamilton
# 25Weather for Maryborough
# 26Weather for Horsham
# 27Weather for Castlemain
# 28Weather for Ben Nevis
# 29Skipton Creek level
# 3Say the time
# 4Call a random node
# 5Watch a busy node and try to connect when it's free

BARG operates IRLP node 6310 connected to repeater VK3RWA, on Mt Ben Nevis.

The node is able to provide time, weather and node status information, requested with DTMF tones.

The node is part of the global IRLP network. Both VK and DX nodes regularly connect into the BARG node, looking for local contacts.

Lots of information about IRLP, including how the system works and appropriate operation procedures, are described at the IRLP site.

The status of node 6310, as seen by the IRLP network, can be seen here.

The table on the left describes the function of the DTMF tones on the node.

If you know the IRLP node number you wish to connect to then,
Announce your intention of using IRLP as a courtesy to other repeater users on RWA, if no issues then go ahead.
Send DTMF 73 to ensure that IRLP is clear,  then send ______ (the node number) unkey your
transmitter then listen.  When connected key up, wait, wait, then announce your presence and callsign before unkeying and hopefully someone will reply to you, good luck.  When finished clear down the connection with DTMF 73.
For Echolink the above procedure is the same except that Echolink node numbers are preceded by a *_____  .

Remember to wait, wait when replying.  transmit wait, wait then start speaking so the systems have time to get setup before your speech arrives and is not truncated at the far end.



  • IRLP Node 6310