BARG 80m HF Net Control Station Roster

May – Dec 2024

BARG Net runs from 2000 hrs every Thursday night on 3608 kHzs+ QRM. And follows on from the CLIPBOARD NET WHICH COMMENCES AT 1930 HRS

Date 2024Operator Backup
16-MayTerry  VK3UP    Craig  VK3KG 
23-MayAndy   VK3COE Paul  VK3TXR 
30-MayPaul  VK3TXR   Doug  VK3DRE 
06-JunDoug   VK3DRE        Robert  VK3ARM 
13-JunRobert  VK3ARM   Craig  VK3KG 
20-JunCraig  VK3KG  Ian  VK3AXH 
27-JunIan  VK3AXH       Chris  VK3QY
04-JulChris  VK3QY  Andy  VK3COE 
11-JulAndy  VK3COE  Paul  VK3TXR 
18-JulPaul  VK3TXR  Doug VK3DRE 
25-JulDoug  VK3DRE  Robert  VK3ARM 
01-AugRobert  VK3ARM  Craig  VK3KG  
08-AugCraig  VK3KG Ian  VK3AXH
15-AugIan  VK3AXH Chris  VK3QY   
22-AugChris  VK3QY   Andy  VK3COE  
29-AugAndy  VKCOE  Paul  VK3TXR  
05-SepPaul  VK3TXR   Doug  VK3DRE  
12-SepDoug VK3DRE  Robert  VK3ARM  
19-SepRobert  VK3ARM  Craig VK3KG 
26-SepCraig  VK3KG   Ian  VK3AXH 
03-OctIan  VK3AXH  Chris  VK3QY 
10-OctChris  VK3QY   Terry  VK3UP  
17-OctTerry  VK3UP Andy  VK3COE 
24-OctAndy  VK3COE  Paul  VK3TXR
31-OctPaul  VK3TXR Doug  VK3DRE 
07-NovDoug  VK3DRE  Robert  VK3ARM 
14-NovRobert  VK3ARM  Craig  VK3KG  
21-NovCraig  VK3KG  Ian  VK3AXH 
28-NovIan  VK3AXH Chris  VK3QY  
05-DecChris  VK3QY  Terry  VK3UP  
12-DecTerry  VK3UP ANDY  VK3COE
19-DecANDY   VK3COE   Paul  VK3TXR  
26-Dec(Paul   VK3TXR )  ( Doug  VK3DRE  )

Boxing day. After Christmas. No formal net but members are encouraged to check informally.


Every THURSDAY night on 3608KHzs @ 2000 hrs.

If there are any other club members who would like to offer themselves for a shift please contact me, Craig/VK3KG and I will give you a position in the list. With more members participating the work load/responsibility is better averaged so you do not have to be on call too often.

For each operator you are asked to be there only for two consecutive nights. The one where you are nominated as the main NC Station and the week before to be prepared to step in if the nominated person isn’t available or is delayed in coming up in time. There is another net preceding the BARG net and its best to come up early and listen in until you hear who is present as usually the same people will follow through to the BARG net.