BARG Remote Base Station

One of the many benefits of being a financial member of BARG is access to the club’s Kenwood TS2000 radio ‘remote base’ radio which covers the bands 80m through 23cm.

This radio is connected to multiple antennae

  • 40/80m dipole.
  • 20 to 6m periodic rotatable beam, as well as
  • 2m, 70cm and 23cm yagis
  • Diamond Vertical X-7000N 2m/70cm/23cm has 8.3/11.7/13.7dB gain, 5m overall length

To access this equipment you will need a Windows PC for the client and a reasonable internet connection.

You don’t have to have a licence to make use of this gear in listen mode. You do need a valid license and callsign to transmit. Your power output and band access will be matched to your license level.

Usage is limited to one hour at a time, so keep an eye on the time. If someone else is using it when you connect you will be into a queue. You can listen whilst another member is using the system in “transmit” mode.

Access to the client software is available from this link.

You will find multiple folders there. A “Remote Base getting started” guide and instructions for the TS2000 are held in the V1.0.0.10 folder.

The latest stable software client is in the highest version numbered folder. Download the software from there and check it out.

A good test is to tune to 144.549.400 CW and check the Mount Gambier Beacon, there is also a beacon on 432.549.400 CW, the 23cm beacon is off the air as is the Ballarat 23cm FM repeater.

You do need a Userid and password to access the system; you can request this by contacting Mal/VK3OAK, Lachy/VK3ALM or Ben/VK3NRD

Here you will find an Azimuthal Map centered on the BARG Clubrooms for use with the Rotator. It will assist in  pointing the beam.( thanks Ben!)

Note: the access client software was designed and is maintained by Roger/VK3ADE, a Life Member of BARG. Roger has kindly provided access to the client software for the sole benefit of all financial BARG members. The software must not be provided to any other person and should be removed from user equipment if your membership status lapses.